Advancing data capabilities and the systems that manage data

The Data Accelerator represents the web presence of the P-20W+ Community of Innovation.

The Community's goal is to accelerate the progress states are making to modernize their systems that securely manage data, from preschool through K-12, and into college and/or the workforce.

Effective state data systems can present a fuller picture of student and worker experiences and outcomes, giving state leaders solid data to inform decisions for improvement.

The Community of Innovation unifies voices, state and solution provider alike, from across the P-20W+ landscape to complement existing efforts in this ecosystem as well as break new ground.


A need for more specialized supports

The P-20W+ Community of Innovation was born from a recognition that while there are many communities of practice within the varied stages of early childhood, K-12, Postsecondary, and Workforce data efforts, there wasn't a single, gathering point for thinkers working across these arenas.

Our Community brings those people together to accelerate progress in the modernization efforts uniquely required of the P-20W+ space.

By gathering together, we believe we can begin to achieve scale.

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An opportunity to connect leaders

The P-20W+ Community of Innovation follows proven practices. Our model is to work intensively with a few core states, move as quickly as possible, and share the resulting resources and experiences here via the Data Accelerator for the benefit of all.

To do this, we convene a group of experts from state agencies, technology companies, education advocates, and others in the Community who are interested in a given project, we scope the work together, and then we execute as a team.

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Our community of data leaders